Bitcoin as a gift

In recent years, the crypto world has witnessed incredible economic growth; which is primarily lead by Bitcoin. Bitcoin, being a first entrant into the crypto market, proved to be a multipurpose vehicle. Additionally, it has been a mode of payment, a medium of exchange as well as a store of value. These unique set of services make it a perfect gift for family and friends.

Bitcoin Gift Cards™

There are several ways to gift bitcoins to your loved ones during this Festival Season. Bitcoin Gift Cards™ are one of the most accessible means for this unique purpose. Bitcoin Gift Cards™ are useful for exchanging Bitcoins for Gift cards and vice versa. The use of Bitcoin Gift Cards™ facilitates you to possess bitcoins or offer it as a gift to your loved ones.

Bitcoin Gift Cards™

To new users who wish to explore the bitcoin market, Bitcoin Gift Card™ can be an approach to learn the use of bitcoins. If you want to buy or redeem Bitcoin Gift Cards™, you need to visit online portals such as Here you can easily redeem gift cards by entering gift card number and pin (generally given on front and back side of the card). Now you need to give your wallet address, and the respective amount gets transferred instantly.

It’s advantages

Bitcoin Gift Cards™ are an economical, convenient and apt method of gifting bitcoins to someone. As the holidays are approaching, so this could be the best gift of the season. Moreover, It could be a convenient payment method to pay for your general needs also.

Gift cards are on trend since a long now, such as Amazon, iTunes, etc. However, those gift cards could be stolen, counterfeited or copied. In contrast to these gift cards, Bitcoin Gift Cards™ demonstrate the inherited capabilities of the blockchain. They offer a wide variety of benefits over traditional gift cards.

Firstly, Bitcoin Gift Cards™ are more secure, reliable and transparent. The use of blockchain technology makes it theft proof, as it generates a new address for each transaction. Whenever you buy, sell or redeem, you will get a new address. So if someone tries to copy your address, it is of no use.

Secondly, the most important advantage of using Bitcoin Gift Card™ is that the only party who possesses the private key can move it out of the bitcoin wallet. To move it out from one wallet to another a combination of private and public key is required.

Thirdly, Bitcoin Gift Cards™ are comparatively cheaper than the traditional gift cards. Use of blockchain technology reduces the cost of per transaction as well as the risk of fraud or error, which in turn helps in saving money.

In a nutshell, we can say that Bitcoin Gift Cards™ demonstrated the security, cost-effectiveness as well as ease of use, which makes it easier to keep the possession of bitcoins. These features make it a perfect gift for the upcoming season.