Bitcoin continues to capture the interest of many individuals worldwide and is always present in the headlines of several publications. However, the great majority of consumers have never bought the revolutionary cryptocurrency.

Since its Inception, Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. goal has been to make buying Bitcoin easy; for that reason, we have team up with ChainBytes and Savvy to launch the first Bitcoin Gift Card in the US. The partnership will allow consumers to purchase a Bitcoin Gift Card on as well as at several other digital outlets and retailers.

“Gift cards are a well-known access point for the average consumer and can make buying Bitcoin simple and painless. We are excited to work with Chain Bytes Inc. and Savvy to launch our gift cards and bring easy Bitcoin access to more consumers and investors in the U.S., U.K. and Europe.” Said Ed Gieske, our CEO, on a statement quoted by numerous news outlets, including The Business Journals, TheStreet, Business Insider, and MarketWatch.

The Bitcoin Gift Card works just as any other gift card and is simple to use. Bitcoin Solutions, Inc. and our partners will provide a gateway between the physical and the virtual world. While many consumers have not been able to purchase Bitcoin because of the many intricacies and hassle associated with using online Bitcoin exchanges, the implementation of traditional gift cards will allow them to enter the Bitcoin space with ease. The Bitcoin Gift Card can be easily redeemed by visiting

ChainBytes is a Blockchain software development company with an extensive portfolio, that includes successfully integrating Blockchain technology with existing enterprise infrastructure, creating complex smart contracts and tokenizing assets, and first-of-a-kind, start-to-finish development and implementation of Blockchain based solutions. While Savvy, has provided gift card technology solutions for over 15 years to over 400 retailers and restaurants. Together, WE make buying Bitcoin EASY.